Sunday, January 3, 2010

Marked Differences

This time of year always prompts resolutions. Many are set with what we hope is diligent resolve. This time we are going to follow through. This time we are going to finish the list. So, we buy a new journal, adopt a new diet plan, set plans to finish long-overdue projects and sundry other abstract goals.

Our own experience and statistics, however, tell us that most of these resolutions fizzle and fade and are forgotten by February.

How depressing. And the thought of making another list that I would fail to finish or fulfill seemed quite futile.

My daughter and I were discussing this the other day. Last year she really didn’t make a list, she just simply said she wanted to do better—she just wanted there to be a marked difference in the things that mattered to her.

I found my 2008 New Year’s Resolution List. I don’t know where my 2009 list is. I am not sure I even made one. The 2008 list showed up in a box of my important papers—things I don’t want to lose or misplace.

22 things were on the list.


Here are some of the goals I had then:

1. In-depth bible study with Terri. We studied the book of Romans. My view and perception of Paul was forever changed.

2. More art. I produced very little art that year. Lots of ideas and plans and good intentions, but little fruition.

3. Keep up this blogspot. I have kept it up, but not with the consistency I have wanted.

4. Be in a better financial place. I had someone do my taxes for me for the first time that year. I learned how to operate on a better budget.

5. Keep my relationship with my Dad and Step-mom strong and real. What a delight and thrill this one has been and is. They ate New Year’s Eve lunch with us and stopped by again today.

6. Work on loving myself…and loving others more as a result. 2008 was a remarkable year for this one.

7. I wanted a year of deep, deep prayer about where God was taking me and what he wanted me to do. Be assured when you pray this one from your heart, God will answer (you may be stunned at the answer, but he will answer).

8. I wanted more laughter. I got it.

9. I wanted to give intentionally. My goal was to give one gift per month. It didn’t happen. Again, good intentions…

10. Better school calendar. More creative and tougher. This has happened partially this year, but not to the extent I desire.

11. I wanted to have deeper involvement in a spiritual and friendship community. The roots of this goal began in 2008, but not where or what I expected—it was much deeper and far more extraordinary.

Now it is 2010.

Not only a new year, but a new decade.

Will I make a list this year?

No. Not the traditional kind.

I seem to be pretty fond of No Particular Order lists. So here are some of the goals and aspirations I have for 2010 in no particular order.

Spend less.
Envy less.
Fail less.
Complain less.
Dawdle less.
Judge less.
Worry less.
Compare less.
Exasperate less.
Critique less.
Waste less.
Afraid less.
Talk less.
Conform less.
Argue less.

Worship more.
Learn more.
Give more.
Laugh more.
Create more.
Study more.
Rest more.
Pray more.
Confess more.
Listen more.
Play more.
Encourage more.
Write more.
Care more.
Read more.

Love more.
Yes, love more.

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