Sunday, September 12, 2010

17 Things

Today is my third daughter’s 17th birthday. She got her driving license on Friday; where did time go? She is beautiful and lovely all at the same time. She is a balm and salve to the wounded and the hurting and the weary. And she is good medicine; she causes ripples of laughter wherever she goes.

Happy birthday, dear Olivia.

17 things I love about Olivia:

Her ability to recognize almost any musician and any song—her version of “name that tune.”

Her eclectic sense of style—she has a recognizable signature.

Her charm—it’s genuine.

Her ability to move from one generation to another with honest ease. She can have a real conversation with a 93 year old Nanny and a 2 year old little boy.

Her ability to feel, interpret and translate music to piano keys.

Her love for her sisters.

Her physical comedy and hilarious character voices.

Her ability to see beauty in unexpected places and people.

Her scissor-happy habits.

The deep clarity in her eyes.

Her wisdom—it moves far beyond experience.

Her laughter—from a theatrical giggle to an outright belly chuckle.

Her intense, penetrating prayers.

Her ability to love the unlovable.

Her growing ability to step back and assess a situation.

Her ability to laugh at herself.

Her innate gentleness.

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KitchenDreams said...

What a great mom you are to be able to see all these great things about your daughter!

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