Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Evening Prayer 3

Thank you for answered prayers.

Today you moved mountains.

Thank you.

The mountains sometimes daunt me. There are moments that the bend in the road ahead causes me to pause.

Thank you tonight that you stay so far ahead of me.
And you reach around and grab my head and pull me along with you.
I am slow, Lord. I stumble over my own feet.

You tell me through Isaiah to watch the signs and to take note of the road I am on, but I forget; I get distracted. Suddenly I look up and I have missed a turn somewhere. One turn becomes two. And I keep trying to make rights to get back to where I started.

Don’t let me go. Don’t let go of my hand.

I can’t navigate this road by myself. I don’t read maps very well.

But you are faithful.

And I am trusting in your faithfulness to get me home.

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Carole M M Williams said...

Thank you for posting this beautiful prayer.

I am so happy that I serve a God who understands how daunting the mountains are in our lives, who assures us that he will never leave us or forsake us. That he is with us, when we take the wrong road.

When we feel too weak to stretch out our hands to him, His hand is not too short to reach down to pick us up.

I just stumbled upon your blog, when I clicked the button on my blog header which directed me to the 'next blog'.

Praise the Lord, it was a Christian blog and a divine connection.

God Bless you as you minister online to others.

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