Thursday, June 30, 2011

Release the Rain

I have been told I have a blue personality.  As much as I don’t want to be (and I have also been told blues don’t want to be blues), I am still a blue. I would much rather be yellow or even a bit of red, but nothing doing—I am blue. And all that goes with it. 

Apparently I possess more than a tinge of melancholy in this soul of mine. I am bent toward carrying too much on my shoulders, convinced I have to fix every problem (or that every problem is my fault) and weighted down by a perfectionist nature.

Instead of viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, my lenses are tinted blue.

And today I feel my personality. Today I feel the smudged edges of blue rubbing and smearing. Most days the little bit of sanguine and yellow (mixing personality tests here) surface and float. The desire to smile and laugh almost always outweighs the want to cry, but rarely the NEED to.

All morning I have been trying to talk myself out of this blue place. But the talk is futile. When clouds get too heavy they must release the rain. 

So, release the rain, LORD.

Remind me of your truth. Remind me that your reality is not rooted or established in my personality, but in your character. 



christylw39 said...

Amen....release....and amen. I understand the blue....I'm blue too. And that's's who we are. :))) color of a clear and cloudless sky...the color of a a perfectly untainted, peacefully calm's a good color :)

Joshua said...

nice article you have written, its really great.. i like the way you have mention your views.. keep blogging...


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