Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turning 200!

When I hit the publish tab for these words to upload this will be my 200th post. Two hundred times I have pulled back the layers of my skin and attempted to be real. As I scroll back through the months, the years, the posts are like the transparent, opalescent skin-thin walls of my beloved nautilus shell.  

In these posts I recognize myself, and I have marked measurements of my growth and expansion. I realize this has often been a place I have been willing to look at and attempted to see myself soberly. Here in these spaces I seem to be able to identify the bits and pieces of the woman God was and is transforming. Certainly he has used this place, this virtual chambered nautilus, to enable me to have the courage to increase the size and capacity of my chambers.

In 2007 when I began this endeavor, born out of a challenge to one of my creative writing classes, I did not know who I was.  There was a time before when I thought I did. In 2007 I most assuredly did not. Five years of chronicling my journey and two hundred skin layers later I know these truths: I know who I belong to and I know he does not change; these two facts determine who I really am.  And I will continue to chronicle my journey here in this place. 

Thank you for visiting me. I have no idea how many people see, read or follow The Chambered Nautilus, but two hundred posts, for me, are worth celebrating. 

If you read this post please drop a line in the comment section (or message me on Facebook, if you read the post there). On November 9, 2011 I will compile the comments in a special drawing for two Chambered Nautilus gift boxes—gifts from me to you—and I will announce the winners in a post immediately after the drawing.  

May His face shine upon you. 



Angela said...

I have been in awe of your writing since the first post. Over this passage of time I have laughed, cried and prayed as I have shared your life. I celebrate this 200th post and the ever evolving Tamera. Love you.

christylw39 said...

You're writings are seeds that have been,are, and will continue to be, planted in "just the right fields"! Will always be watching for more. Much love.

Cassandre said...

Your words spoken or written have in a sense "haunted" me through most of my life. That sounds ominous I am sure, but in reality it means you have touched me on a deep level throughout my life. I haven't read every post. However, when I have felt led to check in with you here I have always been blessed and often "pushed". Thank you. It saddens me that I missed so much of your life over the years, but it is a blessing to see how wonderful your life is. Your faith is still an encouragement to me. Take care my old friend.

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