Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Morning Prayer

Come, Holy Spirit, come.

O Incarnate Power of God, come. Come today.

Knock on my door. Help me hear you knocking and compel me to answer. Do not allow me to hesitate or tell you I am already in for the night. Help me to throw open the door wide—to allow you complete access so that you might convict me, teach me, counsel me, guide me, direct me and show me what the Father has for me today.

Come, Holy Spirit, come.

O Sweet Stillness of God, come. Come today.

Enter my house. And may it become a sanctuary—stilled, calmed and hushed with and by your Presence.

There are days that this is far more difficult than others. Martha and Mary struggle within me. I am so much like both of my sisters. I know I will be like my sister Martha, jumping to attend you, caught up in preparations and plans and duties and chores. I know I will be preoccupied with wanting to make it all right and good for you. But today, Lord, today Mary must lead. I need to be like my sister Mary:

I need to just sit at your feet.

I need to be still, body and mind, at your side.

I need to let go of the many things that will call my name and make demands of me.

I need to lean into you and look up into your face and listen to your voice.

I need to settle under your gentling touch.

I need to rest in your healing Presence.

O Beautiful Jesus, come to me today.

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TARSmith said...

And so, did He come? And did you follow our sister Mary?

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