Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unbending the Bow

The difference between this morning and yesterday is mind-boggling.

This morning, as it is often, the house is so quiet. The only things I hear are my own typing and the rotating of the dryer drum as it dries the laundry. I do hear thunder way off—muted. But it’s coming. The sky is dark this morning. The threat of rain hovers.

And I am tired. I feel it deeply this morning. I am sitting here in my sanctuary attempting to wait on the Lord. Or, perhaps just to simply rest in him. To lay all and everything down and to rest. I’m sure it won’t last long, but I want to enjoy being immersed in it for just a few moments—regardless of how brief.

I’ve been given a release, a momentary sabbatical, from schedule, routine and fastings this morning. Just a brief time of remaining in pajamas, forgetting the dishes and the messy living spaces, the chapters to be read and the study to be pondered.

My bow has been pulled taunt for quite a while. So, this morning I’ve taken my fingers off the bowstring. And the unbending of the bow is a blessing.

May you find a momentary sabbatical in the midst of your routine today.

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