Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Particular Order

Not too long ago my daughter posted a list on her blog—a list of what she wanted to do. This list would be added to and refilled as she fulfilled these dreams. Her post inspired me to create my own.

I want to do some of these things, long to do others, and need to do many. They are in no particular order.

Touch a whale
Line dance in Texas
Hold hands
Eat grapes in a vineyard in Tuscany
Sleep on a beach
Own a black German Shepherd
Be a midwife for a short season
Drink a Guinness in a pub in Ireland
Learn a second language—fluently
Ride a horse well
Pray at the Wailing Wall
Hold and kiss my future grandchildren
Tell the truth
Swim with dolphins
Spend a night in a castle
Publish a book—a good book
Be real
Walk through the Egyptian Pyramids
Pick strawberries
Feed a giraffe
Touch someone
Go on a pilgrimage with close friends
Walk a prayer labyrinth
Be a character at a Renaissance Fair
Spend the night in a lighthouse
See the Pacific Ocean
Ride a camel
Take a risk
Get to have a conversation with anyone I want
Do a Stomp routine
Sit with someone as they pass from this life to the next.


Mac Goddard said...

Well, you have me thinking, not so much about what I want to do but about how many of the things you want to do that I have done!Let me see, I have held hands, slept on a beach (not all night!), laughed, owned a WHITE German Shepherd, been a midwife (really!), learned a second language (forgotten most of it), rode a horse well (many times), prayed at the Wailing Wall, held and kissed my grandchildren, published a book (must not have been a very good one), been real (occasionally), walked through the Egyptian Pyramids, picked strawberries, touched someone, gone on a pilgrimage (to Turkey, Greece, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt) with close friends, seen the Pacific Ocean, rode a camel (in Egypt at the Pyramids), taken too many risks, had too many conversations with whom I wanted, and sat with many as they passed from this life to the next.
Now you have me thinking about what I want to do before I leave this place!! I will make my list!!

elmogus said...

This is a wonderful list!

I have been close to a humpback, but not that close, and I think Shamu would have to be more the size to touch. Humpbacks are as big as my house.

Many people look at pictures of them and find them ugly. I found them the most beautiful creature ever. That God could put such grace, such dignity, and yes, such intelligence in a creature so massive...I was awestruck and continue to be. I could sit and watch them all day.

I have been in the water with dolphins. Now *that* is an experience not to be missed. Tamera, they feel like rubber, but are mammals, so you feel the warmth, the *life* underneath. I loved them.

I've done a few other things....Pacific Ocean, etc, can't remember. But I think your list is wonderful.

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