Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Inscribed Image

Long ago
before I was formed,
you created me in your image.

I have struggled to understand
exactly what this means.

But with David, Jeremiah and Paul,
I declare that before I came to be--
you knew me and my spirit belonged to you.

Aid and increase my understanding;
give me reminders that I will not forget.

Encode your image,
like mathmatical equations
on my DNA
the foundation and building blocks
of my physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual wiring.

Etch your image
like ancient runes
on my bones
the skeletal structures which hold me aright.

Emboss your image
like a signature seal
on the raw clay
of who I am and
who you intend me to be.

Embed your image
like an indelible tattoo
on my sensitive skin and
pierce and penetrate my calloused hide.

Earmark your image
like a visible notch
on the very tender flesh of my ego.

Engrave your image
like chiseled words
on the stony muscle of my heart,
on the hardened tissues of my mind,
on the sinewy threads of my soul.

And with Isaiah,
help me recall and remember
that long before I asked you to do
these things to me--

You engraved me in
and on the palms of your hands.


Mac Goddard said...

Hmmm, am I detecting what I think?

Martin Ray Vaughan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lady Rael said...

Lovely poem, Tamera! I like the turn at the end. :-)

In Christ,

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