Sunday, December 2, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Presence—Day 2

My husband and I spend a lot of time together because we enjoy each other’s company.

Our best times of communication happen when we are in each other’s presence. When I can see his face I understand far more.

Sometimes we misunderstand each other and must ask for more information to clarify. Sometimes we don’t hear each other because there is too much noise or too many distractions and we have to turn our ears to one another.

There are times when the volley of ideas and thoughts move between us rapid-fire. There are times when we sit in complete silence; it is a comfortable silence—one born of contentment and familiarity. There are times we are silent because there are not enough words or the right ones.

We talk about a myriad of topics. We laugh about nonsense—both of us entertained by the absurdity of the other. We discuss the thoughts we have pushed back into the crevices of our hearts. We examine the hard things that fray the edges of us. We share the hurts that pierce and discourage; we acknowledge the fears that torment.

This is a gift to me—this marital communication that crosses so many boundaries and perimeters.

This is a very good gift, but its ultimate purpose is to remind me of an even greater gift.


Prayer ushers us into the presence of God. Prayer throws open the throne room door. Wide. And we are encouraged to be bold and enter with no hesitancy or reluctance.**  Audaciously (not arrogantly) we are to come into God’s presence, before his face with petitions, thanksgiving and praise.

Like my communication with my husband honest, real prayer is born out of familiarity and intimacy. It is buoyed by laughter and rejoicing, marked by vulnerability and transparency. It is punctuated with raw angst and passion. It is laced with humility, seasoned with grace and fortified by love.

Let this Christmas season begin a new time of entering God’s presence through prayer. This is one of his greatest gifts to you.

Please don’t forget to open it.

Don’t try and save the wrapping paper. Don’t be tentative, just rip it open. There’s no need to be proper, and there is no completely right way to open this package. Just go before his face and come clean. Talk about anything and everything. Laugh and cry. Tell him what you love and what you fear. Ask him for clarification and request a repeat of instructions if you don’t understand the first time. Tell him how good he is. Thank him for Jesus. Ask him to take care of the people you love. And don’t be afraid to sit in silence with him. If you are in HIS presence the silence doesn’t bother him. Don’t make it hard; don’t make it a mystical, abstract event.

Father, we ask that you turn down the volume of the noise this season. Please shut the door on the cacophony so we can enjoy your presence and we can talk candidly. Help us to put aside our own awkwardness and timidity. Let there be an ongoing, underlying conversation in our hearts with you. Thank you for this incredible gift your presence gives. Amen.

**Hebrews 4:16 

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