Wednesday, December 5, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Presence—Day 5

By Steve Rehnborg

This is a POWER crazy world. We power our lives with coal power, nuclear power, solar power, hydroelectric power, and wind power. It doesn’t seem to matter whether we have AC power, DC power, three phase power, or single phase power, we still need power supplies, power cords, power poles, power protectors, power factors, and power transmission. We can power up, power down, over power, under power, power dive, power wash, and power walk.  To control our world we have the power of the pen, economic power, market power, power analysis, powers of persuasion, power to choose, will power, the Power of Positive Thinking, and you can be IN power.  Don’t forget Power Colors including green power and black power.  In our free time we have power quotes, power lyrics, PowerBall, Power Hour News, and power forwards.  Some of our favorite characters are Power Puff Girls, Power Rangers, Nintendo Power, Austin Powers, and Tyrone Power. Our heroes have rings of power, secret powers, and we call on Higher Powers. Whew! I think I need a power nap. 

Why are we so drawn to power?   

We are drawn to earthly power, but there is an immeasurable source of power in the presence of God.  God is power.  He is the power that created the universe and which sustains it as it spins through its eternal dance. Imagine for a moment the power of the universe encapsulated in a baby boy in the manger.  It kind of boggles the mind; the universe of infinite power in a newborn child.  That is the ultimate definition of potential energy. 

That power was not limited to that boy born on the first Christmas day.  God’s power is unlimited potential energy. He intends for us to use it in our daily lives.  It is potential energy ready to be tapped into by faith.  It is the ultimate power source, if we will let it flow from Him. 

Current flow is the movement of electrons between a high potential and a low potential.  Kind of sounds like the empowering of God: His high potential being transferred into our low potential.  What is really amazing in this analogy is that current is voltage (think God’s potential) limited by resistance (think of our resistance to His working).  If the resistance in an electrical circuit is high, the current flow is low.  If the resistance is low, the current flow is high.  A short circuit unleashes all the power available because the resistance drops to almost zero. God’s power can work in us and through us, but only if we don’t resist.  Imagine the power that could be transferred to us and through us if we stopped resisting God? 

There was a definite lack of resistance between the human, in the flesh, Jesus and the spiritual, creator of the universe. God’s Infinite power could flow through the low resistance Jesus enabling His human, physical being to walk on water, still the wind and the waves, magnify bread and fish to feed thousands, raise the dead, give sight to the blind, remove leprosy, bring strength to lame legs and healing to the sick.

But, the Bible indicates there was a limiting of this power flow from Jesus.  The power flow from Jesus was limited by the level of resistance of those who sought Him.  Often He said, “your faith has healed you” as though our choice not to resist the power of God is what made the power flow.  When faith was absent the power failed to flow.  Matthew 13:58 says,  

            “And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.”   

He didn’t do many miracles because their resistance wouldn’t allow the current to flow!  

We have the ability to experience this amazing power of God because we, as Christians, live in His presence.  Romans says, 

            God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”   

We have been given the Holy Spirit.  We have the opportunity to let infinite power flow because the unlimited source of power is right here with us.  Jesus said,

            “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these.”  

 Whoever believes in Him will lower the resistance and let the power flow. 


Dear Father, we praise you as the infinite source of power in the universe.  We stand in awe of how you placed that infinite power into the Christ child and redeemed us with that power.  We pray that you will forgive us for resisting your power and limiting its flow.  Help us Lord to short circuit our lives to your potential and live our lives with the power you intended for us to access.  Amen

Daily Activity:  Commercial Christmas is full of so many lights all using power.  This season, as you look at all the decorations, let the lights remind you of this message. Then take just a moment to meditate on how God wants to empower you. Sit down today and make a list of ways you resist God. Consider how you might short circuit that resistance.  Try to remove the resistance in at least one area and watch how God’s power flows.


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